Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Q: I have a key, but it won't accept it.(after upgrading firmware, factory reset or in case of a new phone) What should I do?
A: Please drop us an email( at with your device's wifi mac address, and your old key.

Q: I have bought a code with PayPal earlier. Is it possible to grant me a licence to the Pro version on the market?
A: Sorry, this is not possible.

Q: Why is the Pro version under a different publisher name?
A: 3D Magic Kft is the official publisher of the Pro version on the play store, as Tagsoft was not able to publish the paid version.

Q: Play Store is not available in my country. Is it possible to purchase a code over PayPal?
A: Sorry, this is not possible anymore, it is against the agreement with 3D Magic Kft.

Q: Why put the download limit to 250kB/s in the Lite version?
A: If there will be no limitations in the Lite version, nobody would pay for the Pro version.

Q: Why it doesn't support torrents with files bigger than 4GB?
A: Because the most often used fat32 filesystem on sdcards has a limit of 4GB, and there is a bug in android I/O,see this thread for further info, which decreases this limit to 2GB. Later I want to detect the filesystem type, so I can remove this limitation for capable filesystems, like ext3. This is done now, the 4GB limit is only present with fat32 filesystems.

Q: My downloaded video has no sound. Why?
A: This is probably because your video player does not supports the audio codec used for the actual file. You can try other video player apps(Recommended: MX Player or Mobo Player).

Q: My downloaded content(video or music) appears twice in media gallery. Why?
A: It is a bug with the Android media scanner and media store, your media store got corrupted somehow. You should clear the data at Phone Settings > Applications > All applications > Media storage, and force a media scan, by restarting your device, or using for example this app.

Q: I have an external SD card/HDD, but tTorrent cannot save my downloads there. Why?
A: The problem is explained here, a workaround is described for rooted devices.

Q: After downloading a torrent then deleting all files associated with ttorrent, the program still shows lots of data being transferred. Explanation?
A: This few byte/sec data transferred is because of the DHT protocol. From v0.9.3 there is a setting to disable it, but it is not recommended.

Q: Where can I find the unlimited ad free version?
A: Choose the Buy the Pro version option in the Lite version, or go directly to the Play Store.

Q: I have purchased a code via PayPal earlier, will it be supported in the future?
A: Yes, the Lite version can be unlocked to the Pro version with the code.

Q: How can I open/play the downloaded files?
A: You can use the built in filebrowser to open files. They are by default in the /sdcard/torrent directory.

Q: My torrent is in seeding status for a while, when will it finish?
A: Seeding means it is downloaded, but others can download pieces from you.

Q: How can I clear the search history?
A: On the search result page press menu and the middle button is Clear History.

Q: I have received the email with the serial, but when I try to put it in, it doesn't allow me to select okay. What should I do?
A: The code should be entered with the "-" signs, it should look like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Q: What is the peer id of tTorrent?
A: It uses the libtorrent default, "LT0F00".

Saturday, 25 December 2010

tTorrent 0.5.3

    Fixed the search works only once bug, which was introduced in the previous update.

    Fixed add torrent bug(crash when the torrent directory was not present before download)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

tTorrent 0.5.1

tTorrent is a BitTorrent client for Android based devices.

- multiple torrent downloading, queuing
- search for torrents
- Wifi only mode
- able to limit Upload/Download speed
- web browser integration
- trackerless torrent (DHT) support

The lite version is ad supported, and the maximum donwload limit is 100kB/s.
The full version has no ads, and no download limit.
You can download the lite version from Android Market, SlideMe or AndAppStore. The full version is only available on SlideME.

    Fixed Wifi only mode.
    Fixed torrent status updating if paused.

    First Release