Sunday, 15 September 2013

tTorrent v1.2.1

  Added recents to folder picker.
  Torrent checks run also when there is no network connection.
  Fallback url for search plugin.
  Updated translations.


  1. whenever i download files(any movies ) from T torrent. I am getting corrupted file so please help me out from this situation.

  2. Dude I bought the pro version a while ago and just tested the watch incoming folder option and manually dropped a .torrent file into it. Guess what? It sat there and did nothing (except waste bytes due to DHT) I double checked thatthe folder ssettings were correct and gave it plenty of time to pick it up. jamesklyne at Google Mail Com.

    1. Same here. Its really sad, because it would be the only android bitorrent app which would do that...

  3. Is there anyway I can download this app or like this for a kindle fire

  4. What's the meaning of 'Interrupted system call' error?
    Sometimes download stops by this error.

  5. tTorrent stops seeding when download is complete. I wish to continue seeding. Is there a way to fix this?

  6. Erro de permissão no Kit Kat para gravar cartão sd ( Android 4.4 )

    No permission

  7. Interrupted system call error and stops seeding when download is completed. File too short. Any chance to fix this?

  8. I just had an error where it was seeding for a while then suddenly switched its status to "file not found". Looking in the download folder there's now a huge .parts file and none of the files that should be there. Rescanning didn't help and now it's downloading the whole thing again.

  9. it too slow then other torrent, please let me know any setting are require for downloading speed increase.